Customer Insights


Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015

Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) study is one of the main research projects undertaken by FMFB-P once every two years. This research is necessary towards gaining knowledge and insights about how FMFB-P’s products operate and the way they are received in the marketplace. CSS is an essential tool that is used to evaluate whether FMFB-P’s products are fulfilling the clients’ needs to their satisfaction, understand the effects of the product on the client’s quality of life, identify any unfulfilled needs and determine changes/modifications to the existing products to make them more client-centric. It enables FMFB-P to compare the experiences of different client segments and check the effectiveness of the institutions client protection practices. It also allows FMFB-P to understand which clients are using its products and services, and how are they using the product i.e. use/purpose of loan and amount of loans in relation to demographic profiles. FMFB conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey in 2015 using a quantitative questionnaire on a representative sample of 1,143 clients in 42 locations across its branch network. The survey was undertaken on clients of two products: Micro Pensioner Loans and General Purpose Loan. The results of the survey revealed positive feedback for FMFB-P’s product offering and service delivery. More than 80% clients reported that they were satisfied with the Product Features. Over 95% of clients surveyed stated that they would recommend FMFB-P to a friend or colleague. The survey results were used to further improve client experience.