International Poverty Eradication Day

As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, The First MicroFinanceBank Ltd. in collaboration with Entrepreneurial Alliance conducted a seminar at Bahria University on 17th October, 2018 to endorse the ‘International Day of Poverty Eradication’. The main purposes for the seminar was to raise awareness and sensitize the university students, officials from local Government &  metropolitan corporation about the barriers related to the disability, problems, needs and rights of the persons with disabilities.

The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Yasir Masud, Company Secretary and General Counsel of The First MicroFinanceBank Ltd. Also at the event, persons with disability shared their stories and their future initiatives. The major outcome of the seminar was observed in form of a group of volunteers from the audience, willing to contribute in different PWD related activities via roadshow that promote startups led by PWD entrepreneurs.

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