FMFB Dishes Out The Edibles


The outbreak of COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdown has dealt a big blow to all segments of our national economy. Right from a small retailer to the biggest industrial juggernauts everyone is equally affected. But, the sufferings of low-income segment of society, especially the daily bread-earners, remain the most harrowing. The lockdown not only brought the life to stand-still, but also deprived many of their compulsory food requirements. Old and young, male and female, children and patients were left to starve in wretched condition.

In these circumstances, FMFB joined hands with HBL and JLI to play its role in alleviating the miseries of such less-fortunate folks around us. As part of their corporate social responsibility, the three organizations collaborated to distribute food bags among the needy families. Each of these bags contained food items sufficient for more than one month requirement of an average size family. This is just one of the many measures that the three organizations are separately taking for the overall welfare of the lockdown affected public in general and for their respective clients in particular.