Private Institution Finance

Financing Facilities for Educational Institutions up to Pkr 1 Million

Financial facilities are extended under institutional collaboration for sanitation improvement in individual houses as well as common facility improvements in housing colonies. Sanitation improvements under common facility drinking water project, water filtration plant, improvement of water tanks, and sewerage systems; while individual housing improvements can include maintenance/renovation in kitchen, electricity cables, etc. This product is offered under institutional collaboration and in specific geographical locations, wherein financial facilities are clubbed with infrastructural technical support.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Valid CNIC
  • Age between 18-64 years
  • Business experience of at least 3 years
  • Entrepreneurs operating Private Schools, Tuition Centers, Technical Education Centers, etc.
  • School Fee Management through the Branch;
Type of Credit
  • Short to Medium Term Finance
  • Running Finance
Purpose of Credit
  • Construction/renovation of institution building;
  • Purchase of furniture, equipment, computers, etc.
  • Establishment/expansion of labs;
  • Purchase/repair of school van;
  • Education quality enhancement tools: Teacher training and development, software and hardware equipment, technical assessments, curriculum improvement.
Lending Methodology
  • Individual Basis
Loan Amount
  • Minimum: Pkr 150,001
  • Maximum: Pkr 1 Million
Loan Tenor
  • Up to 60 months
Loan Repayment Term Loans:

  • Equal Monthly Installments
  • Equal Quarterly Installments

Running Finance:

  • Annual clean-up on renewal/roll-over
  • Monthly / Quarterly Service Charge Payment
  • Personal Guarantees
  • Cash/Near Cash Instruments
  • Property (residential, commercial and agriculture land)
Other Benefits
  • Credit Linked Life Insurance

Other Terms & Conditions Apply