FIRST Maveshi Sarmaya

Livestock Finance up to Pkr 350,000

Livestock is an important asset and source of income in the rural areas of Pakistan. FIRST Maveshi Sarmaya is a short to medium term loan, offered to livestock farmers, especially women, for productivity enhancement of existing large animals, purchase of livestock animals for dairy as well as rearing and fattening, poultry and fish farming.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Annual income (net of business expenses) not exceeding Pkr 1,200,000
  • Valid CNIC
  • Age between 18-65 years
  • Experience: One-year for livestock rearing and fattening; Three-year experience for dairy farming, poultry farming and fish farming.
  • Existing businesses required (livestock, poultry farm, fish farming).
Type of Credit
  • Short and Medium Term Finance
Purpose of Credit
  • Rearing and fattening of animals
  • Productivity enhancement of existing dairy animals
  • Purchase of new livestock animals
  • Poultry farming activities (broiler and layer)
  • Fish Farming activities (pond preparation and layer/finger fish)
Lending Methodology
  • Solidarity Group and Individual Loans
Loan Amount
  • Minimum: Pkr 20,000
  • Maximum: Pkr 350,000
Loan Tenor
  • Up to 48 months
Loan Repayment
  • Equal Installments
  • Bullet Repayment
  • Group Guarantee
  • Personal Guarantee
  • Third-Party Guarantee
  • Lien on National Saving Certificates/Deposit Account
  • Property
Other Benefits
  • Credit Linked Life Insurance
  • Livestock Insurance (Optional)

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