The First MicroFinanceBank Ltd, Pakistan (FMFB-P) offers a range of market driven loan products to support the evolving financial needs of the different market segments.
The FMFB-P focuses on delivering financial products, which can build the entrepreneurial capacities of the microfinance clients, increase their appetite for formal financing, ensure sustainable development and employment generation. The products, designed on the basis of primary research, intend to support the transition of microfinance clients undertaking income generating activities, into micro entrepreneurs/enterprises and small enterprises.

Target Market

The micro credit product menu targets self-employed male and female individuals undertaking income generating/business activities, low salary employees of government/private institutions, and government pensioners in rural and urban areas.

Lending Methodology

1.   Solidarity Group approach;
2.   Individual basis.

Loan Purposes

1.   Agriculture – crop farming, mainly cotton, rice, wheat, sugar cane and vegetables, etc.;
2.   Livestock – purchase of small/large animals (for rearing and fattening) and dairy animals, construction of animal sheds, water tubs, etc.;
3.   Enterprise – for purchase of inventories, small assets, common facility center, etc.;
4.  General Purpose – for meeting expenses related to education, housing improvements, and income generating activities, etc.;