FIRST Sehat Tahafuz

Health Insurance

FIRST SehatTahafuz is a voluntary health insurance product offered to low income segments. This product is a cashless micro insurance product, providing coverage for hospitalization expenses, including ambulance charges under two plans:

  • Policy Holder/Client and spouse
  • Family Plan – for a maximum of 6 members
  • Treatment can be availed at panel hospitals.

Eligibility Criteria:

Client and Spouse Plan:

  • Male and female individuals living in urban and rural areas
  • Maximum age up to 64 years
  • Valid CNIC

Family Plan:

  • Families in urban and rural areas
  • Husband, wife and first four children are covered
  • Maximum age for husband and wife is up to 64 years

Age limit for Children:

  1. TPL: Minimum 6 months, maximum 20 years for sons and daughters till married
  2. JLI: No minimum limit, maximum up to 25 years for son, daughters till married

Insurance Companies:

  • Jubilee Life Insurance
  • Trakker Pakistan Limited