Micro Cash Maximizer

Micro Cash Maximizer Account is for customers having large deposit funds.

Features and Services:

  • Account can be opened with minimum amount of Pkr 5
  • No minimum balance is required
  • Easy and unlimited deposit and withdrawal facilities during banking hours
  • Attractive market-based profit rate – Profit is calculated on daily product basis on available balance at day end; profit is credited to account on month end
  • Online services of deposit, withdrawal and funds transfers
  • Issuance of Demand Draft and Pay Order
  • Zakat on account balance and Withholding tax on profit and withdrawals is applicable as per Government rules

Account Holders having an average balance of Pkr 0.250 MM in the previous month will be entitled to following FREE services:

  • On-line Fund Transfer from Home branch
  • Duplicate Statement of Account/Advice
  • One Cheque book containing 25 leaves (in six months)