Current Account

Having a basic deposit account is the first step towards financial inclusion. FMFB-P’s Current Account is a transactional account – so simple that it can be used by anyone.

Features and Services:

  • Account can be opened with minimum amount of Pkr 5
  • No minimum balance is required
  • Easy and unlimited deposit and withdrawal facilities during banking hours
  • Non-interest bearing checking account
  • Online services of deposit, withdrawal and funds transfers
  • Issuance of Demand Draft and Pay Order

Account Holders having an average balance of Pkr 0.250 MM in the previous month will be entitled to following FREE services:

  • Issuance of Banker’s Cheque (Max 5 per Month)
  • On-line Fund Transfer from Home branch (Max 5 per Month)
  • Duplicate Statement of Account/Advice
  • One Cheque book containing 25 leaves (in six months)