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The First MicroFinanceBank is present on Social Media to allow our customers to connect with us at their convenience. Our Customers can keep up-to-date with us on our official pages and handles where they can chat LIVE, inquire about our products or services and file complaints through any social media channel:

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For general corporate news as well as regular updates about our Products, Services and Social Performance, you can follow us on our official twitter handle
If you have any queries about our products or services, you can tweet to our customer service team available 24/7. We also have a Toll Free number 0800-FIRST (34778) for other information regarding loan and deposit products.

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Join us on our official Facebook page to keep up with our corporate, sponsorship and product news, as well as online competitions to win exciting prizes. Also available is the LIVE Chat option which facilitates you with a quick response on your query.
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Stay safe online

  • Don’t forget to keep your personal details secure when you use our social media channels.
  • Be sure you’re contacting us through our official social media accounts. If in doubt, you can contact us at [email protected] or call our Toll Free Number 0800-FIRST (34778)
  • Never share any of your personal details, or information about your account, login or password through open social media channels.
  • Don’t use social media to discuss issues about your personal account. Always contact us directly at our Toll Free Number 0800-FIRST (34778)

No matter when, where, or how you choose to bank with us, FMFB is with you every step of the way.