The First MicroFinanceBank has an ATM network of over 26 ATMs which spreads across Pakistan and is constantly growing. The First MicroFinanceBank has one of the best ATM up times across the industry, ensured by the presence of ATM monitoring teams working 24/7.
Our FIRST ATMs provide our customers, convenience to withdraw cash (up to your daily limit), transfer money between bank accounts, make bill payments, and get mini-statements of your account any time 24/7. FIRST Debit Card holders can also perform transactions at any 1Link member ATM within Pakistan.


  • Cash Withdrawal (upto your daily limit)
  • Change your FIRST Debit Card PIN
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Get Mini-Statement
  • Make Bill Payments
  • Mobile Top-Ups
  • Funds Transfer (Intra / Interbank and 1Link)

Note :
Cash withdraw limit = upto 50,000 Rupees (per transaction) via FIRST Debit Card
Cash withdraw limit = upto 20,000 Rupees (per transaction) at 1Link member ATM

 FIRST ATM Locations

No Region Location Branch Coordinates


1 Central Punjab -1 Faisalabad 31.40156, 73.077337
2 Rawalpindi Offsite- Head Office, HBL Tower, Islamabad 33.7246687, 73.0805802
3 Central Punjab -1 Zarar Shaheed, Lahore 31.54565, 74.417181
4 Central Punjab -1 Ravi road, Lahore 31.59619, 74.305814
5 Central Punjab-3 Gujrat 32.5756439, 74.6638
6 Central & South Punjab Multan 30.18726, 71.450774
7 South Punjab 3 Ahmedpur-East 29.14539, 71.249341
8 South Punjab 3 Bahawalpur 29.38432, 71.661053
9 South Punjab 1 Shujahabad 29.88033, 71.295787
10 South Punjab 2 DG Khan 30.05095, 70.6393905
11 South Punjab 2 Layya 30.96626, 70.951642
12 South Punjab-4 Bahawalnagar 29.99537, 73.256544
13 South punjab-4 Tibba Sultanpura 29.98154, 71.885126
No Region Location Branch Coordinates


No Region Location Branch Coordinates


1 Karachi Karimabad, Karachi 24.9095129, 66.9653251
2 Karachi Mirpursakro 24.9025469, 67.0441723
3 Karachi Landhi 24.9024733, 66.9536105
4 Karachi Garden 24.8780231, 67.0208392
5 Upper Sindh 2 Dadu 26.72858, 67.77523
6 Lower Sindh Aminabad 25.40895, 68.376525
No Region Location Branch Coordinates


No Region Location Branch Coordinates


1 Baltistan Region Khaplu 35.1611° N, 76.3319° E
2 Chitral Region Booni 36.2705° N, 72.2541° E
3 Chitral Region Chitral 35.8523° N, 71.7871° E
4 Gilgit Region Hunza 36.3167° N, 74.6500° E
5 Gilgit Region Gilgit 35.9202° N, 74.3080° E
6 Gilgit Region Taus Yasin 34.2345° N, 72.0869° E
7 Gilgit Region Nagar 32.051800° N,73.471499° E
Azad Jammu Kashmir
No Region Location Branch Coordinates


1 Northern Punjab & AJK Rawalpindi 33.6320662, 73.0726522

Some Helpful Tips

PIN Change
A PIN change option has been given so that you can have added security with your FMFB FIRST Debit Card. It is also advised to keep on changing your PIN on a regular basis.

Card Loss
In case your FIRST Debit card is lost, please contact your FMFB Branch or Call our 24-hour FMFB FIRST Contact Center at 0800-FIRST (34778)

Incorrect Payment
If by any chance the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) does not dispense the correct amount of money or does not dispense the money at all, please inform the branch where you were using the ATM immediately.

FMFB FIRST ATM allows customer to get transaction receipt also for easy tracking of the transactions and record keeping purposes

No matter when, where, or how you choose to bank with us, FMFB is with you every step of the way.