Digital Channels

FIRST Touch Banking

FMFB’s first mobile application that gives instant banking solutions to its customers at their fingertips so that they can not only manage…Read More >>


FIRST Debit Card

FMFB is offering two types of Debit Cards i.e. Gold and Classic that allows customers to withdraw cash from any FMFB First ATM as well as…Read More >>


The First MicroFinanceBank has the ATM network of 26+ ATMs which spreads across Pakistan and is constantly growing… Read More >>


FIRST IVR Banking is a self-service and unique channel for an ultimate convenience of FMFB customers to get all banking needs answered… Read More >>


The First MicroFinanceBank brings to you SMS Service to keep track of your transactions 24/7! Make life easier by receiving real-time SMS updates… Read More >>

FIRST Asaan Banking

With the collaboration of NADRA, FMFB brings to the FIRST Asaan banking which is a unique service for the unbanked individuals and for…Read More >>

FIRST Social Media

The First MicroFinance Bank is present on Social Media to allow our customers to connect with us at their convenience…Read More >>


The First MicroFinanceBank has a special service for SCO (Special Communication Organization) Subscribers called FIRST USSD Banking…Read More >>

FIRST Live Chat

The First MicroFinanceBank believes that providing a hassle-free environment allows customers to make safe and informed decisions… Read More >>

FIRST Contact Center

State of the art FMFB Contact Center is the right choice to keep you in step with your ever hectic schedule by providing you round the clock…Read More >>

FIRST Pay – Branchless Banking

FIRST Pay is a Branchless Banking initiative of FMFB to facilitate the goal of financial inclusion…Read More >>