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Alternate Delivery Channels

Pakistan Post

One of the major challenges faced by microfinance institutions across the globe is reaching out in a cost effective manner to the remotest rural areas where the majority unbanked poor reside. FMFB-P explored an alternate delivery channel (ADC) in collaboration with Pakistan Post in 2007 to provide micro-credit services to the under banked by using the counters of Pakistan Post. Currently, FMFB-P offers is loan products (loan disbursement and collections) through 42 Pakistan Post Sub-Offices in Punjab and Sindh.

Branch 164
PB 38
SO 6
Total 208

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HBL Express

Branchless Banking (BB) in Pakistan continues to show substantial growth. In order to facilitate the clients, the FMFB-P entered into an arrangement with HBL Express in 2014 to provide ease of monthly loan installment payment to its clients. This service is currently being offered in 38 locations through the HBL Express Agent Network.